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I Have a Gift For You

By Michael T. Glaspie
"Net Marketers Call Me Their Secret Weapon"

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In just under 46 minutes, I'll help you get your thinking cap on straight. I'll show you how to view the internet for what it is and how to harness it's power...

This CD is not about some unique trick or strategy or concept. It's all about how to think about the internet, how to think about what you sell on the internet, and how to best position yourself to be successful selling whatever it is you want to sell on the net.

You'll want to follow along and take notes as I reveal my P.I.R.T. formula for guaranteed success on the net.

And I'll be giving away a brand spanking new iPad to one lucky marketer that downloads and listens to my free gift! I give one of these away every month! This is my way of saying "Thanks for listening!" :)

Want to increase your odds of winning? Just share my free gift with your friends and contacts on the next page! I'll give you FIVE bonus entries for everyone who downloads it!

Michael T. Glaspie ("Mike G")
Net Marketers Call Me Their Secret Weapon

And here are just a few positively unsolicited comments from real people...

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Jack Habitzruther
Ryan Lutz
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Dean Hart
Paul Darby
Billy Guetersloh
Sarah McGee

Paul Waterman
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Anthony Pulliam
Carolyn Taylor
Clarence Chan
Tammy Kennedy
James Kendall
Lorraine Batchelor
Jenny M
Angelina Sabala
John Lemmon
Brian Schweitzberger
Emily Clancy
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John Layton
Alice Ulmaniec
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