The number one problem, the biggest obstacle to success on the net is...
building a list

...Then building a BIGGER list!

I think I've got the solution for you... And best of all,
I'll even pay you
while doing it!

You get paid giving away my gift CD and a chance to win a new Dell! Like nothing else on the net - only here!

Dear Future Partner -

A while back I developed a program to build my own in-house opt-in list. And, well it's just been going gangbusters for me! It's been just over a year and I've had well over 150,000 people add themselves to my list through this program!

Now what I'm going to propose might be a little out there... maybe even a little crazy... but I've decided to let you in on this with me...

I'm going to allow you to build your own list using MY system... and I'll even pay you while you do it!



Want to be my partner?

I have a gift for you. And not only do I have a gift for you but in fact that is the title of an audio tutorial I've put together. And it's this audio course that is the cornerstone of the powerhouse list building vehicle I mentioned above.

I call this new program my "I-Have-a-Gift-For-You List Building Partnership"...

And here's how it works.

As you no doubt know, the number one objective that every internet marketer must meet head on is to build a list. The problem that I see in the marketplace, and I think you'll agree, is what do you offer a site visitor to induce, compel, or convince them to give you their name and email address?

The sad fact of the matter is most marketers don't offer anything other than hope that the site visitor signs up for their product or their service or their opportunity and then of course collecting their name and email address. And for people who specialize in marketing affiliate-based programs, you know the type, (single tier, two-tier, multi-tier, MLM, etc.) those names and addresses go to the company the affiliate is marketing for. They are NOT yours to do what you want with - you know, offer them other interesting things.

But ahhh, there is a far far better way.

You've probably heard the terms: squeeze page, capture page, or email address collection mechanism... They all mean the same thing and they all accomplish the same goal. And that is simply to induce, compel, or convince your prospect to willingly give you... to beg you... to put their name in your email database.

And once you have that name and address in your database, guess what? They are then your prospect for life... Until of course they unsubscribe. But if you treat them right, give them what they are looking for, they will stay with you for years.

My Newest CD

My newest CD, which I proudly call, "I Have A Gift For You" and the CD is not the gift, the gift is within the 46 minutes of downloadable gold. And, I invite you to get it right here, no cost, no charge.

Know this

I have been marketing this CD two primary ways... First, through email announcements and second, as a float-in on all of my sites.

...And the conversion rate on each one is staggering ... its not uncommon to get 20% to 30% to 40% - or more - of people visiting my sites or seeing the email announcement to want it now.

I even give away a new Dell Notebook on Tuesdays!

And even better, I'm currently giving away a brand new Dell laptop on Tuesdays in conjunction with this offer! It's just one of the powerful incentives I'm using to literally force people to want to give you their name and email address so you can build your list.

So Here's What I'll Do For You

I'll set you up with a set of extremely powerful tools.

The first tool is the same float-in I use to achieve the astounding results I already told you about.

As you may know, a float-in is a way of having a graphic appear over your existing home page copy, or for that matter any page within your site that you choose, that is "unblockable" by current versions of Internet Explorer.

Up until about a year ago, you could simply have a "standard" popup appear on your pages and everyone would see it... Not the case anymore. So today we use a device called a float-in using a slightly different technology but still allowing for your site visitors to simply 'x' it out and continue reading your site.

Go ahead, take a look at the float-in that I will set up for you. You can see it here:

Pretty cool, isn't it? Did you read the copy on the float-in? It shows the world that you and I have partnered up. And obviously, it shows great sales copy (in my humble opinion), all designed to convince your site visitor to enter their name and their email address to get this remarkable "I Have A Free Gift For You" CD, and a very reasonable chance to win a new Dell, and when they do...

We will send you in real-time, to any email address you give me, even an auto responder email address, their name and email address instantly.

I of course will get the exact same data, hence, our partnership.

But you know what else? I am going to host the entire thing for you. If you have your own free standing site then all you simply do is cut and paste and host the code we'll set you up with and this float-in. Specially coded just for my deal with you will instantly begin showing at your site.

And, please understand this... through our partnership, because I benefit too, I will pay all bandwidth cost associated with you giving away the "I Have A Gift For You" CD. As you probably realize, bandwidth costs add up quickly with thousands of people (every week!) downloading and listening to a 46 minute CD!

You'll be able to use the float-in at any existing and free-standing site you currently have content control over.

And, in addition to the float-in, I'll also provide you with an email announcement you can mail to your contacts, as well as text ads and banners you can place on your site(s). (Heck, you could even buy ad spots on other sites, newsletters, banner exchanges, and so on!)

The options are yours. And you'll have plenty of them.

I'll pay you while you build your list!

And here's where it gets a little crazy...

Not only will I pay all the bandwidth and hosting costs associated with this list building powerhouse, I'll also PAY you - CASH - out of my own pocket - while you build your list!

But it's not a straight "commission" I'll pay you... See, you'll actually make money THREE different ways!

First, everytime you collect an email address from the free gift float-in or you email the offer to others, or because of your advertising efforts, and that person then downloads the CD, I'll pay you a full 75¢. Believe me, three quarters multiplied by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands can add up fast!

That's pretty straightforward and by itself can make your participation in this partnership a slam dunk... You get the lead too!


You can also refer other marketers as well. And when you do, and when they refer a download of the CD, I'll pay them the 75¢... and I'll pay you 25¢!

Think about that for one second.

Sign up just a few other marketers, and even just one of which has any kind of traffic or contact list, and you could sit back and cash checks!

The monthly cost to participate is a mere $10.00 (with a just a small $25 initial setup fee). Trust me, it's not going to take a lot of downloads to break even on this... One a day? Piece of cake! And not to mention the EXTRA cash I'll pay you when you LEVERAGE your efforts by referring more marketers and get overrides from them!

It gets even better!

This is viral marketing at its best...

You see, on your CD request page, including this site, there is a link to join this awesome affiliate program! It's YOUR link! Just give away the CD and earn cash + automatically build your second tier and earn even more cash!

Note, we don't pay a commission on the very small monthly adminstrative fee. Because of nature of this program, it involves constant administrative involvement, to make sure your leads get to you... The fee covers that, and is not padded to allow profit that can be disbursed as commissions. Plus, we're helping limit your competition!

So to recap, partner with me and you've got a tried and true system to make $$ three different ways:

  1. A 75¢ commission everytime someone downloads the "I Have A Gift For You" CD (first tier)

  2. A 25¢ commission everytime someone downloads the "I Have A Gift For You" CD from any affiliate who has joined under you (second tier). And believe me, people join the affiliate program just from seeing the CD request form!

  3. And of course, the money you'll make by building and mining your own opt-in email list using my proven converting tools, my CD, etc!

Are you ready to start collecting the names and email addresses of all of your site visitors? Are you ready to just tell others about this remarkable CD using the custom tools I provide? And get paid while doing it? It's time, it's time to start right now. Build a solid relationship with these visitors, show the world that you and I have partnered up. The CD and a chance to win a new dell is a great gift to just give away and get paid for doing it. It will work for you!

Click here to get set up right now


P.S. I could easily charge $250 up to $500 for setting up this special program. Easily. And a lot of people on my list would gladly pay it, but I wanted to do something special, and something extremely low-cost for you. You could be up and running, building your opt-in list - and getting paid! - today! So don't waste any time on this... let me know a.s.a.p.!


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